Will Ferrell Forgets About Reagan "Alzheimer's Comedy"

Will Ferrell will not now be participating in the so-called "Alzheimer's Comedy" about President Ronald Reagan. Personally, this is one of those things where yes, of course we can write a story, or make a movie or create some other piece of art about anything one wants, but just because you can does not always mean you should.
Reagan's daughter Patti Davis wrote an open letter to Ferrell that read, "Perhaps you have managed to retain some ignorance about Alzheimer’s and other versions of dementia. Perhaps if you knew more, you would not find the subject humorous."
I realize this plays nicely into the "amiable dunce" persona we often hear bandied about concerning Reagan, but c'mon. I'm glad Mr Ferrell just moved on to the next thing.



Is Apple Full Of Worms?

Apple just experienced it's first revenue decline in 13 years, so what does that mean? Is the Apple era over?

All companies go though ups and downs, and Apple has had a great track record, so no - it's hardly going belly-up. It's true that sales are down across the product lines, but that just means that instead of selling gazillions of stuff, they are just selling less at the moment (still gazillions, though).

Apple needs something new to sell, I think - and not just another iPhone, or a variation of the Apple Watch. They are probably working on it now, and it just has not reached the rumor mill yet.

There may be an Apple car on the way, but that's probably a few years out and they are hardly going to sell huge numbers of cars right off the bat (I wouldn't think). Even so, I would not sell any Apple stocks quite yet (that is not investment advice, btw).

Apple has plenty of runway to change its revenue momentum, with a record $233 billion in assets waiting in its war chest. It is hiring teams to research new products involving virtual reality and automobiles, two sectors with a ton of growth potential. But so far, at least publicly, it has fallen behind competitors like Google and Facebook in those areas.


Making A Bootable USB Drive From An ISO File Using Rufus

More and more, computers are being sold without CD or DVD drives. This is not a huge deal in most cases, but can cause some concern if for some reason you need to use an external boot device with your computer.

In normal use, the "boot files" (files that allow the system to actually launch your operating system when you press the power button) are located on your main drive. Sometimes though, you may want to start up the computer without launching the operating system, such as if you have a nasty type of virus that is causing problems if you try a normal start up.

The Sock Loss Index - It's Science!

Socks seemingly have a mind of their own when put through the laundry process; they often take little excursions to who-know-where, and leave us wanting. 

While the general thinking is that they probably end up behind the drum of the machine, simply because they are small and we tend to overstuff our loads, the "why" has now been boiled down to a formula - the Sock Loss Index.
Psychologist Dr Simon Moore and statistician Geoff Ellis...devised the formula – Sock loss index = (L+C)-(PxA) – and the higher the figure, the higher the likelihood of losing socks.
L equals laundry size, C equals washing complexity, P equals the positivity towards doing laundry and A equals degree of attention.
Irish Examiner