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As an IT guy, I suspect my animal spirit might be something like this:

Tesla Motors Valued Higher Than Ford Or GM

The Tesla Motors is now valued higher than either Ford or GM in the USA. Tesla makes high-end, high-performance electric cars and other electric products such as house batteries and solar panels. 

Tesla has not made a profit yet, indeed they lost more that half a billion dollars last year. They also only sold a few tens of thousands of cars last vs the millions of vehicles from Ford and GM, but this is outweighed by the fact that the company is an investor favorite.

Elon Musk is a visionary leader, reminiscent of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and other tech giants - and even hugely successful companies like Amazon took years to turn a profit. While the Tesla stock is likely over valued, so it just about everything else in today's stock market.


Some Free Tech Support Advice

Your web browser should not look like this:

Apple Robots - But Not What You Think

In the state of Washington, the robots are coming - to help pick apples. According to this AP story, the majority of the current apple picking workers are illegal aliens, and because our government has now decided to pay attention to the "illegal" part, there is a growing shortage of human pickers. 
Apparently, Americans don't like to pick apples, which is undoubtedly hard physical work.

"Human pickers are getting scarce," said Gad Kober, a co-founder of Israel-based FFRobotics. "Young people do not want to work in farms, and elderly pickers are slowly retiring."

Two companies, FFRobotics and Abundant Robotics, of Hayward, California, are moving to get their robot pickers into the orchards as soon as possible.

A Linux Desktop Is Not Scary

I sometimes mention Linux on these pages, and that for many it would a decent alternative to some versions of Windows. Linux is another type of computer operating system, like Windows or macOS. It is usually available to download for no monetary costs and will work on a variety of PC hardware.

Linux also available in many flavors or distributions ("distros"), which may offer a different mix of software, or a different look and feel. I often try to impress upon my readers that this is not a scary, geeky thing. It can be geeky for those of us so inclined, but it does not have to be.

Case in point, a very short clip below featuring my current laptop setup. I am currently using a distro called KDE Neon, which is quite "Windows-like", as you will see. You will also hopefully see nothing intimidating, and in fact I would guess much of it looks familiar to you.

Just an interesting alternative to consider. I did not make any changes to the default appearance, other than changing the original wallpaper - so this is pretty much how it comes when you install it. Best to view the clip full screen if possible.