Weekly Round-Up May 27

Once a week, I try to bring you a small selection of links to items of interest that caught my eye since the last update; something for you to chew on over the weekend. Let's get going...

Security habits differ among Millenials, Baby Boomers

Queen guitarist Brian May shows off his plastic VR viewer

Tom Hiddleston in talks to become 007

How to review your privacy in Windows 10

The story of The Monkees - why not?

Smart earpiece can instantly translate any language

NASA releases stunning video of Plutos surface

8 wild ideas that debuted at the Indy 500

Social Media Supplies Over 60% Of US Adults With Their News

A new Pew Research study has over 60% of us getting our news from social media - and mostly from Facebook, by a pretty big margin. That makes the whole recent Facebook bruhaha about how they actually present their news feed all the more interesting, and actually perhaps important.
This led to an inquiry from the U.S. Senate Commerce Committee investigating the allegations.
After vehement denial of any bias in trending topics, Facebook announced sweeping changes three days ago to the way the Trending system works, including greater oversight for news curators and a clearer description of how the trending topics system works in the Facebook Help Center.
Tech Crunch


The Memorial Day Holiday Weekend

The Memorial Day Weekend has come to mark the start of Summer here in the USA. The federal holiday remembers those service people who died while serving this country.

Veteran's Day celebrates all service veterans, living and dead.

As such, Memorial Day is truly a reminder of those who made the ultimate sacrifice in order to try to maintain the freedom and well-being of the rest of us.

In the midst of the festivities, please take a moment to honor those who served and died on our behalf.


Robocalls And The Do Not Call List

You probably loathe robocalls as much as I do; like email spam, the ruination of a great piece of technology. Like me, you also probably signed up for the governments "Do Not Call" list, and then wondered why it seems to have little if any effect. Again, like me, you probably assumed it was one of those "your tax dollars at work" screwups - but not completely.

It's more to do with our friends *cough* at the big telcos. Slate has the straight scoop

Microsoft? Oh, thanks for calling!


Beauty And The Beast Teaser Gets More Eyeballs Than Force Awakens

Disney may be on to something. The Mouse House has started remake some of their vast animated treasury as live action movies - well, live action with a lot of CGI thrown in. The latest one to see a trailer (actually only a "teaser" at this point) is the much-loved Beauty And The Beast. And wouldn't you know, it's already garnered more views that the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer - and that went through the roof...

Belle and that rose...