So, What About 5G?

5G is the much-ballyhooed latest stage in mobile network technology, and is still under development. We should see actual products - and the 5G networks to use them on - in the next couple of years.

If we look back, the first generation of bulky cellular telephones worked on 1G. Then came 2G (2nd generation, if you like), which allowed texting - then 3G which effectively allowed our smartphones to be viable portable computers.

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When Does Support End For Windows 7 ?

Now that Windows 10 is the "flagship" product,  when will Microsoft support end for Windows 7? 

Actually, it already did! Back at the beginning of 2015, Microsoft dropped "mainstream support" for Windows 7, meaning they stopped providing free telephone support and non-security patches for the operating system.

"Extended support" will end in January 2020 - not *that* far away. That means no more security updates; at that point Windows 7 effectively becomes Windows XP - an orphaned operating system, becoming less viable with each passing month.

What to do?