Windows 10 System Image Backup On The Way Out

Windows 10 has brought with it some changes that seem to be happening at a faster pace than in days of yore (or in days of Windows 7 and 8, anyway). Addition and removal of notable program elements used to be largely reserved for the "Service Packs" - big update packages that might come every couple of years.

Now, Microsoft is rolling out theses sorts of changes several times a year in some instances. The Fall "Creator's Update" is an example of some notable changes listed here


So Simple, Yet Few Of Us Do It

At it's most basic, getting through life can be pretty simple - and yet so many of us get caught up in the (often manufactured) drama of our day-to-day existence. To be honest, I think the public nature of social media makes us rant and rave about our complaints and mood changes to all and sundry.

If you boil it down though, and approach it honestly and without guile, you can reduce "the rules" to a handful of aphorisms. It could be actual rules, such as the Ten Commandments (don't kill, don't lie, don't steal, don't be jealous, etc) or something looser and more homespun such as the list below.

And no, I am not successful at embracing these every day either (paricularly the last two) . . .


Diabetes In The US Is Worse Than We Know

About half of us in the US either have diabetes or "pre diabetes", and almost a quarter of that number don't even know they have it. Most of this is due type 2 diabetes (previously known as "adult onset" diabetes), which can often be a consequence of us eating too much sugary stuff, being overweight and largely immobile.

It's not just a problem in the US these days, but we seem to be pushing the envelope, so to speak. It's a rather insidious condition, and can result in things like blindness, circulatory issues (which can lead to lower extremity amputations) and several other nasty things.

The smart money says get checked out - and if you have it, work with your doctor to do something about it. It can be managed to minimize the damage, and in some type 2 cases it can even be reversed.