Weekly Round-Up - Oct 20

Once a week, more or less, I scrabble around and find some items from the past few days that I deem to be of interest to my readers. This is very presumptuous on my part of course, but it just goes to show how the head swells and the ego froths when blogging...

Please enjoy, nevertheless:

Windows 10 Fall creators update

5 ways to make sure you have a safe Halloween

Dogs use "puppy eyes" to manipulate you

Wi-Fi "Krack" vulnerability; what you need to know

Still stalking Bigfoot 50 years later

eReader market forecast for 2018

SlingTV v. YouTube TV

Top 10 best Android tablets


Job Hunting Updates

You may never have noticed but I do have some additional content in the blog, other than my less-than-regular posts. I have a page concerning job hunting for instance, and I just updated the links in that section with some attention to older job hunters.

The links to the other pages are above, just under the "Old Goat Guide" banner.


You Might Be A Cryptocurrency Miner If...

Unlikely as it may sound, you may be mining cryptocurrency without knowing it while visiting certain web sites. Unfortunately, all kinds of nasty things can "jump" from a "bad" website to your computer, and this is but a recent example.


A Gentle Warning To iOS Users

Apple's iOS operating system powers it's iPhones, iPods and iPads, and the latest release is version 11. This version is installable on iPhone 5S or later, and if you look at the current version, it is actually version 11.0.3 - and that's the problem.

This is now the fourth release of iOS 11 in a few weeks (first iOS 11, then 11.0.1, etc). For the last few years, Apple seems to have been falling into a pattern of (apparently) offering major updates to iOS that are not quite ready for primetime. They have been following up with incremental patches to fix various issues that surfaced after the fact.