3 Great Resources For Elderly Computer Users

Older people who approach computing for the first time need a special kind of hand-holding. In truth, this kind of thing is probably best done one-on-one with a loved one, where the stress is low and the older "newbie" won't feel silly asking questions. The next best thing may be a novice-friendly web site; with a little help to get them on the website and start them off, these can be a helpful tool and may open up all kinds of possibilities for an older user.

GCF Learn Free - a web site run by the same non-profit that gives us the Goodwill Stores, it has a nice (and growing) collections of interactive lessons on a range of technologies, and even life skills - such as using an ATM!

WebWise (BBC) - Yes, the folks that brought us Upstairs, Downstairs and Dr. Who also have an online learning website that covers a lot of topics, often for the complete novice. Now of course it is a UK site, so there are some differences in  language and terminology, but everyone has those "cute British accents" that Americans seem to love, and the tutorials are well-presented and sometimes funny.

Good50 - this is a Google-powered search engine with provision for those with poor eyesight - search box and results text is larger than usual, and can be made larger. Safe Search is also on by default.

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