How-To Quickie: Hotspot Shield VPN

Hotspot Shield is available as a free or paid version (the free version is ad-supported). What this and other VPN clients provide is a more secure way of using public WiFi hotspots. In particular, it "scrambles" your network traffic using SSL encryption, and also makes it much harder for websites to track your physical location (yes, they can do that).

VPN means "Virtual Private Network", and products like these give you a sort of little "safe haven" and isolate you from most (not all) potentially nasty stuff that you can be subject to via publicly accessible "open" wifi connections.

I chose Hotspot Shield as it's easy to install and use, and utilizes the well-established "Open VPN" software. There are several other VPN clients available, most are non-free and sometimes a little more involved to set up. For the casual user that hangs out in Starbucks a lot, this should be a good choice.

I have a quick video guide below and some other videos on various topics at

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