Fake Antivirus Removal

Fake Antivrus programs are a problem, and not always just for novice computer users. They manifest as either a straight scam that gets you to pay them for "fixing" imaginary problems on your computer, or they pretend to be an antivirus program while actually acting as malware them selves. Ugh.

There are many variants and plenty of advice to be found around the Internet to remove these sometimes tenacious pests. One software solution of interest that I just came across is from TrendMicro, a well-known (legitimate) antivirus provider.

The Fake Antivirus Removal Tool allows you to use some tricks defeat the problem software.  Firstly, the actual fake programs "know" the names of real antivirus programs, so the TrendMicro FAKEAV can be run in one of several different ways, pretending to be files other than antivirus software.

Confusing? Yes, a little, and as the product is still it beta perhaps they will come up with a better presentation that is more user friendly; presently, the software seems more geared to system administrators but hopefully they will provide a  version with home users in mind. Even so, it does claim to clean a pretty impressive list of antivirus imposters.

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