What Is Apple's 'Retina Display'?

When the new iPad was launched, there was quite a kerfuffle about the new Retina display, which is also present on the iPhone 4. Recent upgrades to the MacBook Pro line of notebooks notably also feature a Retina display, with the promise of more future MacBook models with this capability.

Simply, the Retina display is Apple's Trademarked name for a high resolution computer display. Specifically, one in which the pixel density is great enough to allow most people to be unable to perceive any individual pixels in the display; images and text  therefore should appear notably crisp and pleasing to the eye.

There is not a single resolution or pixel density at which it becomes a Retina display; it depends to an extent on whether the device is a phone, an iPad or a notebook. For a comparison of the pixel density of some other quality notebooks see here. Pixels are the individual picture elements that make up a larger display image (click to enlarge example below).

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