5 Five GB Free Cloud Storage Solutions

Three important things computer users should be aware of:

1 - Computers will break. Trust me on this one.
2 - Backups are important if you want to keep your digital stuff.
3 - Most people don't bother with computer backups.

I suggest that at a minimum, you could start using one of the free cloud storage solutions mentioned here. 5GB is a decent amount of storage, and the products are easy to set up and use (you basically just leave them alone after installing). They will all allow you to automatically copy files from certain folders on your computer "to the cloud" and keep them there - there's your backup. If you change a file in the protected folder or add a file, the changes are sent to the cloud too - the files are synchronized.

These products are a little different to a pure cloud backup, like Mozy or Carbonite; the products listed generally allow you to also synchronize between computers as well. For example, you have a desktop computer and a laptop computer. You set up the desktop to protect your My Documents folder via one of the services mentioned. You can also install the software on your laptop and also have the My Documents files also available on it. Changes made on one device will be synced to the cloud storage and also to the other computer, if you want.

DropBox is a popular choice (use it myself), but the basic free package comes with 2GB, which can be added to by referring friends, etc. They recently added a feature where you do get 5GB if you sync up your digital camera images to your drop box - so it's sort of 5GB free.

ProductWorks withComments
SugarSyncWindows, Mac
Google DriveWindows, Mac, MobileUses Google acct
BoxWindows, Mobile
SkyDriveWindows, Mac7GB free, use Live acct

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