How-to Quickie: Using UNetbootin

UNetbootin is a very useful utility that allows you to easily create a bootable USB device from an ISO file. An ISO file is something you would typically download and burn to a CD or DVD; if done correctly, it recreates a bootable disk. In this case, UNetbootin allows you to make a bootable USB device from the same ISO file. The name "ISO" just refers to the type of file it is; a Microsoft Word file might be called Filename.DOC for example, whereas the file we are talking about would be Filename.ISO

A bootable version of a Linux operating system or a purpose-made rescue CD can be invaluable if your Windows computer won't boot because of an operating system problem or a bad malware infection. You can boot (start up and run) the alternative operating system on the USB device, and either try to fix Windows, or copy your files from the sick computer to the USB device itself or even to a second USB flash device or USB hard disk.

The UNetbootin utility allows to you to download one of a sizable selection of Linux versions, or you can use an ISO file you already downloaded yourself. The UNetbootin website lists the versions they support directly from the utility itself. The video below is a quick look at using the utility, one of several short videos available at

Update - my Facebook friend and all around mensch JohnC points out that Universal USB Installer does much the same thing and is also free. Choice is good!

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