3 Useful Things To Put On A USB Flash Drive

Chances are, you have a USB flash drive (a "thumb drive") laying around - you may even carry one on your key chain (I do). So, what do you keep on it? It's probably not a great idea to keep important data on it - unless it's encrypted or password protected - as a thumb drive can be pretty easily to lose. But here are three useful things you can do with it, to get you started.

usb flash drive

I'll be considering a plain old vanilla USB flash drive of 2GB or larger - 2GB is a useful size and can be had for way less that $10. Some drives may come bundled with custom utilities on the drive, such as the U3 application launcher. I'm assuming the drive does not have that - that's a whole separate topic, and of course you can utilize that feature if you prefer.

 1 - a bootable rescue disk - this will let you boot your computer or laptop from the USB stick, should your operating system have a severe problem. You can rescue files from the sick computer to the USB stick if you need to. Here is how to use UNetbootin to easily create a bootable USB stick using your choice of Linux operating system.

You can also add additional programs easily enough to your bootable stick. Such as:

2 - a password safe, such as Keepass. This allows you to carry around all your passwords in an encrypted form - so you only need to remember the master password to the safe.

3 - a portable version of the Firefox or Chrome web browser, with your bookmarks/favorites. This way you can use your stick on any computer and have your favorites and so on available to you.

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