Hotel Key Card Hack Fix

If you have stayed at a hotel recently, you will have used a key card to open the electronic door locks. A major supplier of those key card mechanisms, Onity, has issued a couple of fixes for a recent successful hack demonstration by Cody Brocious , a software developer, that took place at a hotel where a Black Hat hacker's conference was held.

hotel lock

The hack involved accessing the locks electronics through a small port on it's underside. Once physical access was available, Brocious could decipher the lock code and usually open the door. Onity has issued two fixes; one which only blocks the physical access, and another that also reprograms the lock to make to more secure - the second option is around $50 per lock, so I'm guessing most hotels with go with option #1...

“With how stupidly simple this is, it wouldn’t surprise me if a thousand other people have found this same vulnerability and sold it to other governments,” says Brocious, in an interview with Forbes. “An intern at the NSA could find this in five minutes


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