Instagram - For And Against

I had not realized that there was something of a backlash against Instagram - the App for Android and iPhone that allows you to quickly upload images to Facebook - but apparently, there is quite a bit of bluster going around. Professional photographers pour scorn upon the images as not being "real photography":

Putting an artsy Instagram filter on a pretty photo can make the grossest slosh look like gourmet eats. It does not prove culinary or photographic skill, it proves that you can press a button — The Atlantic

Ouch. The article below argues against that, and refers back to the digital vs film debate of recent years. On the one hand, I can see how there tends to be an "Instagram look" on a lot of the images  - but on the other hand, so what? I'm sure the Brownie cameras of my childhood were sneered at by professional photographers, and yet they helped document a generation for "regular folk".

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