LED Lighting Primer

Incandescent lighting is being slowly regulated out of existence, fluorescent curly lamps (CFLs in proper parlance) are generally not a consumer favorite, so next in line are LED bulbs. The LEDs in LED lighting are basically the same sort sort of solid-state (electronic) device that might be a red indicator lamp on your coffeemaker, or even the display on early calculators and digital watches.

[caption id="attachment_4470" align="aligncenter" width="500"]LED lighting Then and now[/caption]

1980's flashbacks aside, LEDs are a still-expensive but possibly more pleasing alternative to CFLs, and use even less power for the same amount of light. I wrote previously here and here about some of the new "lighting tech", but TechGoesStrong has a multi-part series with everything you could ever want to know about LED lamps; history, appearance, cost, dim-ability, the whole enchilada:

LED Bulbs - part 1
LED Bulbs - part 2
LED Bulbs - part 3
LED Bulbs - part 4

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