Lithium Ion Battery With Superfast Recharge

Lithium ion batteries have become the go-to power pack for portable rechargeable electronic devices, power tools, and for electric and hybrid electric vehicles. Different lithium compounds are used for different applications, but this type of battery is generally the most efficient and cost-effective that we have at the moment. One issue though, particularly with larger capacity Lithium ion batteries, is that they can take hours to recharge.

However, a team of Korean researchers has come up with a recipe to make Lithium ion batteries that can be recharged much faster - dozens of times faster - than the current technology, while still retaining the desirable properties of the product.

The ingenious solution is to incorporate a solution containing graphite onto the outside of the battery, and process it so that the outer layer becomes a conductive network that allows the battery to charge much more rapidly than normal.

These Lithium ion cells are also physically a bit bigger that the traditional batteries, so they may not be ideal for smaller devices. For a rechargeable drill through, it would be nice to be able to fully recharge in literally a couple of minutes! An electric car might take an hour or two, instead of overnight. Even that is probably only limited by our ability to provide the charge to the battery. In other words, these types of batteries could probably accept a charge much "faster" than it can currently be delivered on a 120V circuit (without tripping the breaker in your home).

[caption id="attachment_4639" align="aligncenter" width="300"]lithium ion battery A typical Lithium ion cell phone battery[/caption]

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