Metro Ha Muerto

Metro is dead. As mentioned in a previous post, Microsoft is rather mysteriously dumping the Metro name for it's new UI, a major feature of Windows 8. It's not still entirely clear why; they cite a "European partner" that has that name (possibly German retail group Metro AG), suggesting that is the reason for the change. They did not realize they had a partner with the same name before this? Microsoft also floated some malarky about Metro only ever being a code name, which seems like a purely face saving device as we have been pounded by the Metro moniker for more that a year now. Maybe they are trying to be clever by confounding some of the backlash against the new interface by changing it's name a month or so before Windows 8 launches?

[caption id="attachment_1578" align="aligncenter" width="300"]metro Metro-style UI (can't say that now!)[/caption]

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