My Transition To Android

I got the Android phone I had mentioned previously in this blog. It's an entry-level phone from Virgin Mobile; "cheap and cheerful", you might say. The first thing that struck me was how small it was, and I was immediately concerned how I would be able to navigate with my fleshy paws. So far after a couple of hours use, it's actually been fine - although the old fart in me rose up once or twice and whispered "It's too complicated, think how easy your clamshell phone is to use..."

I installed the battery and charged it up, then I changed my Virgin Mobile account from "Pay Lo" (read "cheapskate") plan to the "Beyond Talk" plan, which includes data, voice and text. I then switched the phone via the Virgin Mobile web site (from my clamshell to the Android phone). Once that was done, I activated the phone from the big, red "Activate" button on the screen. Phone calls worked to and from the phone after about 20 mins.

There were quite a few installed apps on the phone already, for basic stuff. I also set up an account for the Google Play App Store, using an existing Gmail account. The first app I installed, on a recommendation from my co-worker Ryan, was JuiceDefender - a battery-saving app. Next up will be an antivirus, probably Avast! free, which I hope won't drag down performance too much. This is a single core processor phone, with not much RAM - although general use is fine. Navigating is smooth and the apps seem to be responsive.

It's a learning curve, to be sure, going from a basic flip-phone, to even a basic Android phone. I deliberately did not prepare myself much for this, and so am coming to it like most folk would. The actual Android navigation is quite intuitive, in general. This device uses version 2.3 of Android, which is older, but  the most common version currently around.

I do find myself not quite knowing if I actually quit out of an app or not, but that's something I expect will become evident as I continue to fiddle around. The booklet that came with the phone was pretty skimpy, and so Googling stuff or just using the phone is the way to go.

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