Search Twitter Without An Account

Social media site Twitter is pretty well-known as a place to find out what people are thinking and talking (well, Tweeting) about right now. If you are a bit reluctant to actually take the plunge and sign up for the free service, you can still get in on the act and see what's shaking. Twinitor (and there are quite a few similar sites) lets you search by a simple keyword, or by a hashtag. A hashtag is a word with a # symbol in front of it (for example #boomers), and serves as an indication of the topic being commented about. The search results also updated in real time - if someone Tweets on that subject, the search results are updated automatically. Take a look:

[caption id="attachment_4687" align="aligncenter" width="300"]twinitor Using the hashtag #boomers - click to enlarge[/caption]

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