After A Month Of Android

I wrote about getting an entry-level Android smartphone about a month ago, and mentioned that, if nothing else, it would give me something to blog about. Well, I have not blogged very much about it because I have not really run into any problems so far. Phone and data coverage have been fine, battery life is adequate and I have even taken a few photos. The particular phone I got (a "Chaser" from Virgin Mobile) cost around $80 and my monthly plan is less than $50, including taxes for voice, text and data.


The performance of the phone is good, and about what I expected; it does hesitate a little from time to time, but it has never locked up or become too slow to use. In general use it's perfectly fine, and that is while running an antivirus app. I have not tried to play music from it yet, I may do that at some point if only to test it. I have watched a couple of YouTube-type videos and they were fine.

The camera is a 3MP effort, and is not that great to be truthful. Now, the images and even the movies look fine on the phone screen, and that's likely the way they would usually be viewed, but look a little more closely and it shows the phone's lowly aspirations. Color and so on is okay, but movie sound is weak and the photos have a very processed look away from the phone.

Despite the phone being physically small and me having sausage fingers, I have had little trouble "typing" for emails and so on. The predictive help when entering words is actually quite good, at least in my experience, and makes the whole thing rather painless.  That was a bit of a worry at first, as one of the main reasons for getting the phone was to be able to respond to work emails and Helpdesk tickets away from my laptop.

So, while I still enjoy the simplicity of  a clam shell phone, I have lumbered into the modern era for a modest cost.

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