Battle Cry: Ditch The Cable!

Lately, it has become something of a badge of honor among the few, the proud, the geeky to "ditch the cable". The idea is, by using an Internet connection and (typically) a set top box such as a Roku or Apple TV, to be able to get all or most of the TV content you want for a lower monthly cost. The proliferation of said set top boxes has made this idea one that non-geeks can also participate in, without resorting to the exotic home-brew hardware and software inventions of just few years ago. Lifehacker has an aptly named article "How to Find the Best TV Set Top Box and Ditch Cable Once and For All" that gives a good starting point, and as usual there is a lot to learn from the article's comments too.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="240"] You would NOT actually do this, of course...[/caption]

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