Google Chrome Throws A Wrench In The Works

I think one of the things that causes hesitation among newbie computer users is the lack of information in modern User Interface (UI) designs; words are seldom used in a Graphical UI. That's fine, if you know what the image represents. Most new users are scared to click on the wrong thing in case they "break" something, and so the tendency towards more abstract icons and symbols intimidates them to a degree, in my opinion.

The latest example is the Google Chrome browser, where the settings menu is represented by a "wrench" icon, which seems appropriate and fairly intuitive. However, that will be going away, replaced by three horizontal lines - reminiscent of the "menu" item used by the Android operating system (also a Google product). I get it; it's meant to represent lines of text or a list of configuration items, but it's less obvious - don't you think?

chrome wrench

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