Kindle Fire HD Ups The Ante

Hoo, boy! Things are heating up in the "affordable" tablet segment again. Following hot on the heels of the much-lauded Nexus 7 from Google, Amazon unleashes it's Kindle Fire HD - and it sounds like nothing to be sneezed at. The new Kindle color tablet, not to be confused with the Kindle line of e-readers, has a very high  resolution display (up in Apple Retina territory at 1920x1200), an 8.9 inch screen, faster processor, double the storage and a front-facing camera, for $299. They are also releasing a 7 inch Fire HD for $199, and the original Kindle Fire will be upgraded with more RAM, faster processor and better battery for $159 - whew!

[caption id="attachment_4912" align="aligncenter" width="400"]kindle fire hd It's slim, too...[/caption]

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