Windows RT - A Bit Of A Hodgepodge

We have some reviewers finally getting their hands on tablet devices running Windows RT - which is basically the same as Windows 8 for the desktop, but designed to run on lower-power ARM chips in portable devices. The results are a little mixed. While the basic tablet-type operations are fine, when we start to get into  actual productivity software like Excel, things start to come apart a bit; the touch interface is immature for these types of programs. You are probably going to need a keyboard to get much actual work done.

The situation might be somewhat better, at least on these tablet devices, if you never had to see the Windows desktop - if you just stuck to the Apps. But you do need to drop back to the desktop from time to time, and that's where the seams start to show. Programs like Office 2013 run from the desktop and seem to be a bit of a mishmash of touch and non-touch operation. Now I have no answers to improving this, but it just looks like it will be a bit of a transition for those early adopters.

First here is Tom Warren of The Verge:

Ed Bott of ZDNET speaks a little about the hardware and then uses Office 2013, which results in a bit of pecking at the screen:


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