3 Really Useful Computer Help Sites

I have worked with electronics and computers for longer than I care to dwell on, and I still get regularly baffled. That's part of the challenge, though - even if there are days you may not particularly want to be challenged. Folk who don't use computers regularly - or are leery of them in the first place - can sometimes get stuck attempting "simple" tasks; it frustrates them and drives them further away. I try to have some helpful how-to articles on this site, and I try not to use TLA's (three letter acronyms} without explaining them, but it's only one wee blog. So, how about some bigger sites that can help with normal computer stuff?


The guides below are straightforward and contain as little gobbledegook as possible. The GCF site in particular is well-suited to fledging computer users.

WikiHow - a collection of wiki-type articles on help with all kinds of computer, smartphone, and electronics related tasks.

Malware Removal Guide - more of an extended article than a site, but it tells you how to get rids of the nasties when they strike, and it's updated regularly.

GCF LearnFree - written, animated and video tutorials on many topics including Apple and Windows computers and a growing section on mobile apps.

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