HTTPS Everywhere

As you may know, sites like banks can provide a special kind of connection to their websites, the address of which starts with "https://" instead of the usual "http://". The difference is that the former is an encrypted or SSL connection. HTTPS Everywhere is a plug-in for both the Firefox and Chrome web browsers.

What does "encrypted" or "SSL" mean? Simply that the data being transferred to and from your computer and the website is effectively "scrambled" so that it's very difficult for third parties to eavesdrop and access the data, and this is particularly relevant when using public WiFi connections. The plugin forces your Firefox or Chrome browser to use this more secure method automatically whenever its available - and so is A Good Thing.


John D Carmack said...

I thought FF defaulted to https anyhow, but there is a FF version of this extension?

Richard Keggans said...

FF, Chrome and Opera