Malware In Medical Equipment A Growing Problem

Computers and viruses are a bad mix; computers running medical equipment and viruses are a horrible mix, but apparently it's a growing problem. It's not so  much that the malware is disrupting the medical equipment directly, but rather impacting the performance of the host computer to the point where things don't work properly. Personally, I'm at a loss as to how malware would get on these computers in the first place - are the staff using them to check their Facebook status between patients? If so, they shouldn't be and should not even be able to.

The worries over possible consequences for patients were described last Thursday at a meeting of a medical-device panel at the National Institute of Standards and Technology Information Security & Privacy Advisory Board, of which Fu is a member, in Washington, D.C. At the meeting, Olson [chief information security officer at Beth Israel] described how malware at one point slowed down fetal monitors used on women with high-risk pregnancies being treated in intensive-care wards.


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