Saving Trees, Losing Jobs, Moving On

The announcement that Newsweek magazine will end it's 80-year old "dead tree" edition and move to a digital-only early next year should not really surprise anyone - it may alarm some of us, yes, but not surprise anyone. Printing a newspaper or magazine is expensive, and tablets and smartphones are ubiquitous, so it's hard to fault the logic. I'm slightly surprised we have not seen a more widespread move to all-digital. Many papers, magazines and of course book already have digital versions in addition to print versions, and maybe it's their way of weaning us off the tactile delight of the Sunday morning paper or a slightly shabby paperback. Unfortunately, it costs jobs too; like the buggy-whip makers when automobiles were born, whither the printers, typesetters and so on? All too soon we will be like 23rd-century Captain Picard in one of the Star Trek episodes when he is occasionally seen indulging is his quaint pastime of reading an actual bound book.

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