Virtually There: Roaming The World Online

Internet access can be very liberating, in that you can explore all kinds of places with a few clicks or taps - not physically, of course - we have not got that far yet - but virtually. It's more than just looking at postcard-type photos of exotic locations, it's looking at collections of snapshots from regular people, and also things like web cam feeds and 360 degree panoramas. They all combine to give you a more intimate and revealing look at places you maybe thought you knew.


The following are mostly all sites with still images, not movies, and so should not require a fast Internet connection.

This Is Now! - shows real time updates of photos uploaded to Instagram from specific locations; you can choose from several major cities around the world, or just get the latest photos tagged as #thisinow

WorldCam - again hooks into Instagram, but you can search for cities, or places within cities to get photos from those locations - sometimes from inside as well.

Opentopia - a collection of live webcams from around the world - some refreshing periodically, some with video feeds.

360 Cities - panoramic images from around the world, to really get the "you are there" feeling (try them full screen!).

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