Windows 8 - Important Updates Already

Windows 8 was released to manufacturing on August 1st, and the official launch date in October 26th. Typically, you would expect to see some updates after the launch as part of "Patch Tuesday", to bring the new operating system "up to speed". However, a pretty substantial Windows 8 update is already available - sounding more along the lines of a mini Service Pack, described in a Microsoft blog post here as providing changes and improvements to "fundamentals".

An actual Service Pack is usually a large "roll up" of previous fixes, and may add new functionality to the operating system. Supposedly, the updates in question are around 170MB, which is large enough to be in Service Pack territory, as far as the size. I would assume then, that any new computer purchased with Windows 8 should expect a rather substantial update soon after coming home and getting online.

windows 8 logo

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