Got Malware? Could Be...

A new survey from network security firm Kindsight showed that 13% of home networks in Noerth America are infected with malware (virues, trojans, spyware). These are often botnets of some kind, and can result in (at the very least) bandwidth-gobbling activity that will slow everything down. If you have not scanned the computers on your home network, make a point of doing it now, or at least this weekend. See this Malware Removal Guide for help.

The top threat affecting users systems is the ZeroAccess botnet, which accounted for almost 29 percent of all home-network infections. Another 8 percent of home users have systems compromised by two other serious botnets: TDSS and Alureon. The top two adware and spyware packages, considered less serious by Kindsight, accounted for another 20 percent of compromised networks.


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