Now THAT's A Kitchen Computer!

Never mind asking Siri for a recipe on your Apple iPhone or tapping the screen of your Google Nexus for inspiration; no, what you need - or at least what Neiman Marcus thought you needed back in 1969 - was a Honeywell Kitchen Computer!


For around ten grand (in 1969 dollars, about $60k today), you got a big orange and black contraption that you communicated with in binary via a teletype and flashing lights. Sweet!

And no, nobody bought one.
If the lady of the house wanted to build her family’s dinner around broccoli, she’d have to code in the green veggie as 0001101000. The kitchen computer would then suggest foods to pair with broccoli from its database by “speaking” its recommendations as a series of flashing lights. Think of a primitive version of KITT, without the sexy voice.

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