Staples Easy 3D Is Coming

That Staples Easy Button you see in their commercials just got considerably more interesting. Staples has partnered with Mcor Technologies to begin offering Staples Easy 3D, a service you can use to produce physical items from computer files by means of a 3D printer - think of the great-granddaddy of a Star Trek "replicator". This is one of those kinds of technologies that is so "out there" that it's hard for most of us to appreciate what it is. While traditional manufacturing techniques are presently more cost effective for large quantities, the 3D printing (or additive manufacturing) process can be very useful and more flexible for smaller quantities - think of product concept models and the like.

The video below is NOT of an Mcor printer in action, but as it's a time-lapse video it gives a better idea of what this type of printer actually does.

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