Cyber Crime Doesn't Pay

Actually, Cyber Crime can pay pretty handsomely - that's why there continues to be the worldwide cat-and-mouse game between the malware writers and scammers and the security folks. However, should you get caught, the penalties are generally very stiff indeed, and being in a different part of the world likely will not help you. A so-called"celebrity hacker", who pulled private photos and the like from mobile devices from celebs such as Scarlett Johanssen and Mila Kunis just got 10 years in jail. A Swede was extradited from Denmark to the US and sentenced to 4 years and a large fine for processing credit card payments for a "scareware" scheme - scareware is where the malware holds your computer data for ransom, until you cough up some money. In those two recent examples, Cyber crime definitely did not pay for the perps.

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