Fake Antispyware Programs

There is quite a cottage industry in fake software that purports to be an antispyware or antimalware program, but is simply a trick to get some money out of you ("Hey, we found 35 problems - to unlock the software to fix these is only $29.95!"). The big problem is that these things often appear very convincing, and there are a lot of them flying around.

Two things to remember are:
1) remain skeptical, and
2) don't blindly click on things to accept them (I know that's easier to say than to do, but try).

fake windows antispyware
This is NOT a legitimate program

If you get into a situation where something is insisting that you respond before you can proceed, write down the exact name of the software giving you the warning, and any other details you can - and research it first. These things often use names that are almost identical to actual legitimate programs.

If the computer is actually being blocked by the software, power it off for now till you get a better idea of what's going on. You can use Google or Bing, etc. to search for the software in question, and there is a very good resource at Some good general malware removal advice is available at

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