How To Build A Desktop Computer

When you see a title like that, your first inclination may be to keep on going - but hold on! Building a computer can actually be an enjoyable process, and gives you bragging rights among friends and family. Why build one yourself? Well, it's an interesting project, it can save you money, and you have much more control over what you end you with. You can skimp on features or hardware you don't really need, or splurge on some other aspects - it's up to you.

I am truthfully rather ham-fisted, and yet all three desktop computers we presently use at home were built by me - and they all work. My adult daughter's Christmas gaming computer from a couple of years ago was also one I made, and she has not disowned me yet. The actual mechanical process of putting a computer together is honestly not that hard - most of it is very modular; you are just selecting compatible components and plugging things in.

Newegg is an online computer and technology store - there are many others, such as Tiger Direct, and so on. These places have all the parts you could need, and usually when you select components, the site can give suggestions as to compatibility. You can buy parts locally too, of course, if you are fortunate enough to have a computer parts store such as MicroCenter or Frys nearby. At a local store, you may find a knowledgeable sales person who can make the process that much easier.

Naturally, you don't need to buy everything at once; indeed, part of the fun is having an idea of which parts you need, and waiting for a sale so you can really save some money on your project! Now of course, if you know very little about the workings of computers, then a lot of the terms will be confusing - and even just the process of selecting your parts many seem daunting.

The three videos below (from Newegg) are a very nice introduction. The components are explained, there are tips and suggestions, and you also get to watch someone actually doing it - building a PC and loading an operating system. I like this particular collection, as it's not overly long, it's recent enough to be useful, and detailed enough to be actually helpful and instructive. If you don't like these, there are plenty of other DIY videos online - such as this one.

Take a look, and you may find yourself a new hobby.

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