Microsoft Surface RT Struggling So Far

The Microsoft Surface tablet device is reportedly struggling after it's launch. Microsoft cut the initial orders for the product by half, and a new estimate by Boston brokerage firm Detwiler Fenton says about 1 million Surface tablets will have shipped by the end of this first quarter. Of course that's still a lot of product, but Microsoft reckoned on selling 2 million in the same time period. Detwiler suggests pricing and limited distribution (e.g. not selling at Best Buy, etc.) were problematic.

The same estimate indicates that Windows 8 notebook computers are doing relatively well meantime. Remember, the current Surface RT is the lower power, less expensive Surface tablet using Windows RT, and is being pitched against iPad and Android tablets. The Surface Pro will run the full Windows 8 OS and be more powerful - and more expensive (in the $1,000 range).

surface rt

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