Web Of Trust - A Useful Addon

Web Of Trust (WOT) is a simple enough idea; it's a free web browser addon that warns you about known bad sites, before you go to them - so you can surf more safely. A "bad site" would be one that is known to propagate malware, has poor privacy policies, and so on.

The interface is simple; the site, or links to it, are shown with a traffic light-style indication - green, yellow or red. Red is danger, and attempting to visit that site will trigger an alert by default. For those of you with "color blindness", you can change to a "color blind accessible" setting.

web of trust
WOT can be used with all the major web browsers, and on the Windows, Apple OS X or Linux operating systems. You can create an account, which allows you to comment and rates sites to help others, but you don't need to - you can just start using it. It's similar to some filtering used in recent browsers (like Internet Explorer's Smartscreen), but can be used alongside those with no problems.

Using Web Of Trust should not slow down your browsing, as the amount of data being sent back and forth is very small. If you search in Google, Bing, etc, the search results will also show the WOT rating for the links, so you will have a better sense of what's going on. Some sites may not yet be rated; they may be fine, but you should proceed with caution.

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