Windows 8 Safe Mode

I'm not exactly clear in my own mind why Microsoft seems to insist in doing things like this, but if you have tried to access Safe Mode with your Windows 8 computer (by pressing the F8 key at start time), it does not appear to work anymore. Safe Mode is a special way of starting Windows with minimal drivers, and can be very helpful in troubleshooting problems - many times tech support folks will suggest you "boot into safe mode and do so-and-so." Well, turns out it is still available, Microsoft just squirreled it away for no apparent reason. Here is the process, courtesy of Infopackets:

1 - Hold the SHIFT Key and press the F8 key a few times as the computer starts.
2 - You should enter Recovery Mode.
3 - Click "See Advanced Repair Options".
4 - Access "Windows Startup Settings".
5 - Use the "Reboot" option.
6 - Now you will see the "Boot Options" menu , including Safe Mode.

My question is - WHY??

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