Windows XP Support Ending

Windows XP has been around for a LONG time, particularly for a computer operating system. There are still about half a billion computers running this popular but creaky operating system for various reasons; legacy software that requires it, people have an older computer they have not upgraded yet, and so on. However, all support for Windows XP is scheduled to end in April 2014 - meaning no more Windows updates or security fixes for the product. While that sounds like a long time, many businesses that use XP are probably fretting about it already; it's an expensive process to upgrade large numbers of computers.

For most home users, the upgrade would come when a new PC is purchased, rather than just upgrading the existing software. There are many reason for this; most people don't want to fiddle around with the upgrade process, and besides Windows 7 or 8 may need additional RAM, or a better video card, or some other physical upgrade - so most just buy a new computer. You can't directly upgrade from XP to Windows 8 in any case - you need to backup your stuff,  reload and reinstall everything; something that a lot of home users may not be comfortable tackling themselves.

These days, the question is made a bit more complex by the tablet phenomenon - if you can readily do almost everlasting you need to on a tablet (email, web browsing, playing games), why buy a whole new desktop or notebook computer? That's a question I think a lot of people are going to be wrestling with over the next year or so.

One thing is certain, when the updates do dry up for XP, you should run, not walk, away from the operating system - it's a ticking time bomb in that state.

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