Asus And Leap Motion Work Some Magic

I've written about the SciFi thriller movie Minority Report here several times, in reference to the computer systems the presented - which used pretty spectacular gesture-based interfaces. A lot of this technology is pretty much already here, from Microsoft's Kinect, and Leap Motion's similar device. Leap Motion just announced that they will bundle the Leap Motion controller with some Asus "all in one" computers and also Asus laptops. You should also be able to purchase the controller separately for other Asus models.

One of the more intriguing aspects of the Leap Motion on a Windows 8 machine is that the Live Tiles can be manipulated without having to touch a computer’s display. CEO and co-founder Michael Buckwald told Wired, “In terms of the basic Windows 8 control experience, Leap can provide a better experience than a touchscreen.”

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