Bitdefender Free Antivirus - Some Good News

When Bitdefender Free first came out, I tried it on a Windows 7 computer and, well, I was very disappointed. It seemed so promising, but in my testing it was rather awful. So much so, that I said I would revisit it at some point to see if it had improved. Well, I did take it on again - this time on a Windows 8 computer, and the product is 180 degrees different from my first experience; the installation went smoothly, the test file detection was right on, and the on-demand scan function was present. All of those were big fails on the first go around.


So what happened? Either there was some kind of install problem the first time (although I tried the install twice - and I have installed puh-lenty of software in my day), or they have fixed some bugs since then, or it just works better on Windows 8 - or maybe all of the above.

In any case, I would say this in now a very nice option for Windows 8 users as a free replacement for Windows Defender (Microsoft's included antivirus/antimalware product - a sort of rebranded Microsoft Security Essentials). It's also trumpeted on the Bitdefender site as "the first free antivirus product compatible with Windows 8".

My next project is to try it on a Windows 7 system again...

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