Customers Are Avoiding Windows RT In Droves

Microsoft has sold about a million Surface laptop/tablet devices since it launched - about half of what was expected. All of these so far are using Windows RT, which is a sort of "lite" version of Windows 8, specifically designed for the tablet-type environment, and running on ARM processors (not the Intel processors that the "Surface Pro" systems will have). The Register has a compelling article with "7 Reasons Why Windows RT Was DOA", and they cite not so much the Surface hardware (although they feel they are way too expensive), but Windows RT itself; the lack of quality apps, the hobbled version of Office 2013, market positioning - it's a pretty scary compilation of apparent miscalculations on the part of Microsoft. That's not to say Windows 8 itself is dead as a mobile OS; once the Surface Pro devices become available, we'll get a better sense of the big picture - but so far Microsoft seems to have stumbled out of the gate.

surface rt

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