Free Online Tutorials From Goodwill

The non-profit Goodwill International is well-known for their thrift stores in the US, but there is a side to Goodwill that you are probably less familiar with, which is a shame. GCF LearnFree is a great website with a large and growing list of well-made online tutorials for all kinds of tech and non-tech things, from basic math, to job interview skills, to using Google Applications or the latest version of Apple’s OS X operating system – all free.

When you spend as much time as we do creating technology tutorials, you have to spend almost as much time keeping them up to date! A lot of time was put into updating our technology tutorials this year to make sure we’re offering you the very latest information. In 2012, 25 topics were launched or updated; that includes 58 new lessons, 60 updated lessons, 41 screencasts, 17 videos, 35 interactives and 11 infographics!


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