Getting Your Personal Affairs In Order

If the Lord tarries, we will all shuffle off this mortal coil sooner or later - baby boomer or not. Once you are out of the picture, have you made provision for your spouse or other loved ones to be able to tidy up your personal affairs and so on? They are not going to be at their best after all, so why not show a little love and respect for them beforehand and Get Your Shit Together? That's actually also the name of a website to help you do just that:

In 2009 my husband was killed in an accident. In the following hours, weeks, and months I was shocked by the number of things we had left disorganized or ignored. Critical documents you can spend a fraction of the time doing now. Here are those core items, streamlined.

Get your shit together now and breathe a huge sigh of relief. You can do it.


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