Google And Kia Sitting In A Tree...

Voice is the next big thing, I do believe. Speech recognition is now at the point where it can actually be useful - Apple's Siri digital assistant, and IBM's Watson super computer are two examples that sprung into the public awareness recently. There are applications that actually make sense when used with voice commands, too; for example, I tend to use the voice dialer on my smartphone - it's less effort that opening up the contacts and finding "Home" - and it's quite reliable, even with my mangled Americanized Scottish accent. South Korean auto maker Kia has teamed up with Google to provide a version of Google Maps with a voice search feature for their 2014 Sorento SUV - no more squinting and pawing at the touch screen!

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="300"]google "Google, where the heck am I??"[/caption]

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