Grandparents Gone Wired

Intel and have teamed up to bring us the second annual Grandparents Gone Wired campaign, which encourages young people to get involved with seniors in their community to help them with Facebook, email and the like.

According to the "Grandparents Gone Wired" folks, Internet usage among seniors ages 65-plus has increased to 53 percent. Nearly half of all Facebook users are 45 and older, nearly 20 percent 55 and older.

But growth of seniors surfing the Internet and updating social networking sites has slowed because so many seniors are either techphobic or simply consider themselves old dogs who can't learn new tricks.

But for an increasing isolated and less mobile population, learning to stay in touch online (or learning how to make video calls) makes a lot of sense. But seniors benefit from learning computer and social media skills not just for the increased contact with their peers.


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