Great Tech-spectations

When you look around in a public place, you typically see a lot of tech in use; people listening to music,  yakking on the phone, updating or checking their "status". People seem so preoccupied with stuff - are you? Do you update your Twitter or Facebook feed as you visit a restaurant, or catch a train, or visit the mall? It's important to remember, I think, that you don't have to do that stuff. If you enjoy it, then knock yourself out, but don't feel you need to. We should free ourselves and engage in the "social media" or technology scene as much or as little as we want, apart from other's "tech-spectations".


I am an older guy in my fifties. I have a techie job in real life; I blog - yes, I call this thing a blog - and run Linux on my laptop rather than Windows (oh, how geeky!). And yet, there are many areas of technology I choose not to really involve myself in, simply because they do not "float my boat". I don't use Facebook or Twitter on my smartphone, and indeed I only got a smartphone last Summer - I had a little flip phone for years before that. I don't think I am a stick-in-the-mud because of that, and neither should you. If all you think you need is a cheap flip phone, then that's all you need; don't worry about iPhones and tablet computers.

Conversely, I would encourage you to at least try some of these things; Twitter, Facebook, iPads and so on. Like my Mum used to say; "How do you know you don't like it if you won't even try it?" Now she was usually talking about food, as I was  "picky eater" when I was a kid (since fully recovered, unfortunately), but the principle is the same - a piece of tech may just open up a whole new world for you. Grandparents may have a great time when they realize the grandkids will respond much better to a Tweet or a text message, instead of waiting for the little ingrates to actually call on the phone.

So please, don't get trapped by society's "tech-spectations" for you, find your own way.

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