Retirement Rears It's Ugly Head

I turned 55 last year, and so the subject of retirement raised itself up from the murky depths of my mind. For some reason, I thought that the "early retirement" Retirement road signage where you could start to draw upon Social Security was 59 - not sure where I got that, but it's actually age 62. Regardless, the whole subject leaves me with very mixed feelings. While it's still several years away of course, there is a ring of finality about it - and that's good and bad; no more 9 to 5, but then what will we actually do, and how will we afford it whatever it is?

My wife and I are not big spenders by any stretch; we have some nice stuff, but it's lower tier nice stuff - more Costo than Cartier, and we can do without quite a lot of it. Even with our pretty frugal budget, if we have to depend solely of Social Security and whatever retirement monies we have, then it probably won't be a whole lot of fun. My last go-round with a "retirement calculator" left me in a cold sweat.

What to do? Well, we can both keep working, assuming our health and the economy keeps up. I am also trying a few things to secure some part-time income if we can't work - like this blog! Lastly, we are seriously looking to move to another country where our dollars will stretch further. That ties in with the "other income" idea - it would need to be something I/we can do from another county (hence the blogging idea).

Will it work? I have no flippin' idea - who can tell the future? At the very least, we have some kind of a strategy to work with, and that makes us both feel a little better. It always seems to help to have at least some goals; even if you can't reach them all, it imbues a sense of purpose to chase away the quiet desperation...

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