Satellite Internet - Filling A Gap?

A lot of Americans already have broadband Internet service, and still more have access available if they want it - but there are still large areas of the country where "dial-up" is your only option. If you have not tried dial-up recently on todays web - it's a miserable experience. Satellite Internet service may be an option for those who are not in a metro area or otherwise can't be served by cable, DSL or FIOS service.


Satellite Internet service has a sort of negative aura about it, but things have changed over the years, and prices are more competitive and speeds are better. Now gamers beware, there is still the issue of "latency" (lag) just by the nature of how satellite works (it simply takes a few fractions of a second to send and receive the signal),  but otherwise it's not a bad option for the rest of us. As the "digital divide" is brought up quite a bit, this might be an answer for the future - with no thousands of miles of cabling to be installed.

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