Some Current Malware Scams

There are always bogus emails and other scams floating around, and it's hard to keep up with them. That said, here are a few current malware scams you should be on the lookout for. Note that it doesn't really matter that some of these may appear to come from legitimate sources, such as the government. Unfortunately, our email system is such that it's pretty easy for the bad guys to convincingly fake the sender of an email message.


* Emails having the subject line "You have received a secure message", attempt to trick recipients into opening an attached ZIP file. Of course, the ZIP file contains something nasty. More details here.

* Emails having the subject line "Payroll Declined", containing a link that takes you to - you guessed it. More details here.

* Emails having subject lines subject lines like "ALERT! From ADP: 2013 Anti-Fraud Secure Update" and "2013 Anti-Fraud Secure Update" with an attachment containing you-know-what. More details here.

And so on, and so on. A couple of go-to sites to keep up with this nonsense are:


Help Net Security

GFI Labs

Naked Security


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