The Gasbuddy App

Have you ever stopped to get gas, left the gas station and within a few minutes notice two other gas stations that had substantially cheaper gas - it's not just me, gasbuddyright? As a frugal Scot, I hate that. Well, there's an app for that (and a website too, actually) - The idea is simple; have people report gas prices to the site, which keeps them updated on the web page, and of course on the app.  The current "fad" term for that is "crowdsourcing" - i.e. have other people do the work for you. The app is available for both Apple and Android devices, you don't even need to have GPS enabled - in my experience, the cell tower location functionality on your device should be more than adequate to get a good idea of gas (and diesel) prices in your immediate vicinity, or you can specify a zip code if you are traveling. You can search by cheapest prices, closest proximity, etc.

Very easy, very handy - and very free.

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