3 Great Online Learning Resources

Online learning can be a rewarding experience, and probably is a better way to use up that bandwidth than watching kitten videos - nothing against our fuzzy feline friends, of course. The free sites mentioned here can be used at your own pace, and can either introduce you to new ideas, learn something new, or just let you brush up on existing (but perhaps rusty) skills. They are a good way to quickly get some learnin' done when the mood takes you.

Computer Programming at Code Academy - learn about Javascript, Ruby, HTML and more. You need to set up a free account, or you can join with your social media login (Twitter, etc)

Math, Science, History at Kahn Academy - "Learn Almost Anything For Free", a popular and growing site, promising more subjects to come.

Computers and Life Skills at GCF LearnFree - from the folks who give us the Goodwill Stores, this site has a lot of tutorials on computers, software, operating systems, and many on life skills like reading and math, among others.

Bonus - Expand Your Mind with TED Talks - "Ideas Worth Spreading" is the motto, and the site contains a wealth of video talks of varying lengths on all kinds of subjects from "the world's best thinkers and doers". Hard not to get inspired by some of these.

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