Boomer Trip To Mars?

If you are a boomer and looking to get away - far, far away - from it all, then multimillionaire Dennis Tito may have just the thing; how about an all-expenses paid 17-month trip for two to Mars? Yes, the planet Mars - that little orange dot you can sometimes see in the clear evening sky. The plan is apparently a real one, and hopes to take advantage of a favorable orbital arrangement of the two planets in 2018 (the next such "close call" won't be till 2031). The aim is to have an older, married couple (or at least in a stable relationship) beyond child-bearing age, as the radiation exposure may adversely affect sexual reproduction (eek). The intrepid duo will not actually land on Mars; this is a sight-seeing event only, as the craft will "slingshot" around Mars to help it return to terra firma.

[caption id="attachment_6586" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Flash beat you to it! Flash beat you to it![/caption]

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